Marketing API Integrations

Able Customer Data Platform seamlessly integrates with multiple marketing APIs, allowing for real-time data connectivity between systems without the need for complicated manual setups. This ensures precise server-side tracking.

  • Accurate Data in Ad Platforms. More than just proxying browser conversions to server-side APIs, Able CDP receives conversions from e-commerce platforms through server-side connections directly. This process attributes these conversions to the corresponding ad click IDs without the dependence on cookies. Moreover, the data is enriched to ensure that all necessary customer and click details are available to ad platforms when conversions are reported to their APIs.
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis. Able's revenue tracking and attribution employ server-side tracking to capture the complete customer revenue and attribute it to its source. This is achieved without relying on the existence of original cookies. It grants you an unlimited campaign attribution window and provides raw data without any thresholds.
  • Future-Proof Cookieless Tracking. Able's tracking mechanism is designed to function without the need for cookies or dubious device identification techniques. When customer information, such as an email address or phone number, is provided either on the landing page or within the JavaScript application, the system ensures the click ID and UTM parameters are available for the browser when a lead or a sign-up is recorded. All subsequent purchases are then attributed to the original source using server-side data.

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Ad platforms and analytics

Able attributes all and sends all data to the ad platform server-side APIs, as well as to Google Analytics. Raw tracking data are available for use in BI applications such as Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) and Google Sheets via a Google BigQuery integration.

Payment systems

Able integrates directly with payment systems to receive notifications for each payment and subscription server-side. These conversions are then attributed to the original customer"s website visit using customer details such as email or phone.

E-commerce platforms

Able also receives purchase notifications from following e-commerce platforms, making sure each purchase is accounted for, attributed and send as a conversion to supported marketing integrations.

Lead forms and widgets

In additional to its automatic form tracking that automatically recognizes and tracks standard HTML forms (such as the forms used in WordPress and Webflow), Able supports tracking of leads captured using various embeddable widgets and landing page platforms, allowing it to attribute future server-side conversions to the website visitor.


Able integrations with CRMs send new leads attributed to UTM parameters, referrer URL and original landing page there, as well as to receive qualification and purchase events when a deal is started or closed in a CRM.

Marketing automation