Tell the source of every sale, and revenue of every ad click.

Able Customer Data Platform combines lead form tracking and off-the-shelf integrations with major payment providers, CRMs, e-commerce platforms, ad platforms and analytics services to track each customers journey from the first landing page view to the purchases.

Together, these integrations combine services into a funnel that is optimal for your business. Forget tedious configuration of automation services, inflexible all-in-one solutions and coding own API integrations.

Here's what you can achieve with Able.

Map customer journey to each purchase

Track form submissions

Able tracks lead and sign-up form submissions to store marketing source and related click ids for each future customer.

Sources of each form submission are then available in supported CRMs. Able adds UTM parameters and referrer URL to Salesforce and Scoro.

Able associates each lead and sign-up with the original ad click id, sending them to ad platforms server-side, as well as storing internally for attributing revenue to the source later.

Track purchases

Able receives purchase conversions directly from back-end systems. It tracks Stripe conversions, as well as conversions in e-commerce platforms and CRMs.

It then attributes them to the original source – regardless of when they occurred.

Able has built-in conversion API integrations, sending each purchase to ad platforms via Facebook Conversion API integration, Google Ads API integration and TikTok API Integration.

360° view of each customer

Revenue Tracking and Attribution and Customer Journey Mapping allows you to understand journey of each customer directly in Able.

Able sends all conversions to Google Analytics, attributing them to the original visit, allowing you to use Google Analytics attribution even for offline conversions.

For more complex needs, all tracking data are available via BigQuery for custom reporting and dashboards in BI tools such as Looker Studio.

Read more in our case studies, explaining how Able technology applies to SaaS funnel tracking, e-commerce funnel tracking and B2B CRM-based funnel tracking.

Browse our solutions pages, explaining how Able's server-side tracking and revenue tracking and attribution can help your business to discover customer insights.

Let your developers focus on the core product

Able replaces a need to develop custom lead source tracking, integrations with marketing APIs and storing marketing data in main user database.

Don't reinvent the wheel with Able's form tracking and integrations

Able's automated form tracking tracks all form submissions and their sources without relying on 'thank you' page views. Whether you're looking to simply know source and journey of each lead, store paid click ids to send them to conversion APIs – Able does it all.

Able comes with a database that incrementally stores customer information related to the initial's visit source and ad click, and links to it all future conversions such as subscriptions, payments and CRM conversions.

Use existing integrations with multiple APIs and reduce TCO

Building custom integrations with marketing APIs is a complex and error-prone process. Furthermore, many have a six-month API deprecation schedule and require continous updates.

Reduce TCO by using Able integrations with popular conversion APIs such as Facebook Conversions API, Google Ads API,TikTok API and Google Analytics Measurement Protocol. If you need to send any custom data in addition to the data Able tracks, Able's API is simple and never introduces incompatible changes.

Clean data flows and architecture

Able Customer Data Platform simplifies data flows management by offering a user interface that visually represents where each of the conversion events is sent.

Able combines a purpose-built marketing database with real-time data integrations.

It automatically transforms conversion events between sources and destinations and correctly maps different events that have identical meaning in different systems. Connect your data in real-time and forget ugly ETL processes.

In addition to the marketing integrations, raw marketing data collected by Able can be sent to your back-office application or accessed via Google BigQuery.