Tell source of every sale,
and revenue of every ad click.

Able Customer Data Platform combines lead form tracking and off-the-shelf integrations with major payment providers, CRMs, e-commerce platforms, ad platforms and analytics services to track each customers journey from the first landing page view to the purchases.

Together, these integrations combine services into a funnel that is optimal for your business. Forget tedious configuration of automation services, inflexible all-in-one solutions and coding own API integrations.

Here are a few typical scenarios.

Track Stripe, Offline and CRM Purchases

When a Stripe payment is made, an order is processed in e-commerce store or a lead is closed won in a CRM, Able CDP attributes the purchase to the lead source and sends an attributed conversion event to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other ad and analytics platforms.

This allows to understand what content and ads drive new sales and revenue within Google Analytics and ad platforms.

Map Customer Journey to Each Purchase

Able CDP integrates any web form with any major CRM system, tracking lead sources and sending form lead to CRM and marketing services along with the UTM, landing page and referrer details.

In addition to reporting sales by source within CRM, this allows to visualize journey of each paying customer in Google Analytics looking up a customer in Able CDP Customer Journey Mapping tool.

Improve Online Purchase Tracking

It's common for up to 25% of sales to be missing from ad reports when only browser-side JS tracking is used.

Changes to tracking in IOS 14 and webkit browsers such as Safari and Chrome meant that for many funnels it isn't possible to track conversions using only pixels and JS tags.

Combining browser and server tracking data, Able CDP attributes every payment to the original website visitor that eventually became a customer, significantly improving completeness of the purchases data in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads leveraging their support for back-end data such as Facebook Ads Conversions API and new features of Google Ads Customer Match introduced in Google Ads API v9.

Industry-Specific Examples