WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Attribute each purchase and report conversions in ad platforms and Google Analytics correctly

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WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform used alongside WordPress. While it has built-in tracking solutions and a number of third-party plugins, they often aren't sufficient to track sources of all conversions. Able Customer Data Platform solves WooCommerce conversion tracking and attribution by collecting complete journeys of customers and attributing each purchase to the original website visitor.

Able tracks each WooCommerce purchase from the start of checkout to payment. It combines browser tracking with server-side integrations to collect precise data about journey of each customer and sends attributed conversions to ad platforms and Google Analytics.

Effective data transfer across platforms

Don't waste time on the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin

The existing Facebook for WooCommerce plugin is widely criticized as being complex and time-consuming to implement with little benefit added when the integration is complete. Despite what it claims, many users experience issues with syncing data between the platforms.

Able CDP can help with this. Able already knows how to send data across platforms using existing integrations, through connecting to Facebook Conversions API and receiving webhooks from WooCommerce.

Send Revenue Data To Reporting Tools

Optimize your marketing strategy

Able CDP is capable of using its customer tracking data to attribute all subsequent revenue (Purchases) to the source. Source of each customer is tracked when a sign up form is completed. Revenue can then be sent to Able CDP using a Stripe webhook. Able CDP then attributes each Purchase event to the original visitor and sends WooCommerce Purchase events to analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics or DataStudio.

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How does it work?

Build an entire journey of each customer from the first ad click

Able CDP combines browser tracking with server-side API integrations, linking website activity with back-end purchases to build a complete journey of each customer across website, WooCommerce and other platforms used in the funnel.

Attribute 99% of your sales, regardless of when they happen

Attribute all completed WooCommerce purchase conversions to the original website visit and send to reporting and conversion APIs throughout entire customer lifecycle, no matter how long.

Connect WooCommerce with other software without coding

Skip complex manual set-up of the connection between WooCommerce and other software in your funnel.

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Able Customer Data Platform is easy to set up

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Connect Able to WooCommerce to receive webhook notifications about completed purchases

Set  up Able to send WooCommerce purchase conversions to Google Analytics and ad platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads Conversions API

Sample Integration Scenarios

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How To Track WooCommerce Purchases

Able tracks WooCommerce order forms as well as purchases by receiving web hooks from WooCommerce and attributing purchases to the original visitor tracked by Able, allowing to send purchase conversions to Google Analytics and ad platforms such as Google Ads.

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Achieve results

Continuously improve marketing strategy with actionable data produced by Able tracking.

Drive sales

Understand how your customers buy and how segments perform across campaigns even on low volume experimental conversion data when you"re still perfecting your pipeline.

Boost ad ROI

Stream back-end conversion data to Google Ads and Facebook Ads Conversion APIs to facilitate ad platforms" AI/ML ad delivery optimization and to create super effective lookalike audiences in real time.

Get actionable insights

Use standard tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and your preferred BI and dashboard software to see exact performance and revenue of each channel and landing page even when sales happen weeks after the initial ad click.

Don't just take our word for it

Software companies, e-commerce stores and various types of digital businesses around the world are using Able CDP to fundamentally improve their marketing strategy.

We have been looking for a tool that could help gain better insights into our marketing efforts. We tried many, but none of them worked until we found Able. The reason Able CDP works for us, is that it is simple and does not try to reinvent the wheel but rather builds on existing tools and software out there. It helps us link our 'offline' sales to our marketing efforts and have it show up in Google Analytics. It then further helps us to optimize the digital marketing efforts by sending the real conversions (sales) to the marketing platforms. We seem to have finally closed the circle of our efforts and it will help us understand better and better what works, what doesn't and how to fix it or reallocate budgets.

Kjeld Schigt
Kjeld Schigt
Managing Director of Kalon Surf
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