Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Solve reporting and optimize ads in Google Ads by sending back-office conversions with customer match parameters to the API even for IOS 14 clicks without GCLIDs

Google Ads reporting is a powerful tool to identify ROI of ad campaigns and optimize marketing strategy. However, using Google Tag alone for conversion tracking results in many of the conversions missing from the reports:

  1. IOS 14.5+ traffic without click identifiers may be missing from the reports almost entirely.
  2. Many purchases happen offline: for example, when a sale is closed in CRM or when a first payment for subscription is successfully taken by a payment service provider such as Stripe. Tracking such conversions with a server-to-server Google Ads API integrations solves these problems.
  3. Even when purchases happen online completely, it's not uncommon to see sales that come from ads to remain unattributed to the campaigns. This happens when customers use multiple devices, ad blocking plugins and because of general lack of reliability of client-side tracking.
Google has added support for IOS 14 privacy-friendly click identifiers (wbraid/gbraid) to its API and rolled out Customer Match feature to most customers late 2021. Taking advantage of these features in Google Ads API allows to use modelled conversions for IOS traffic, adding missing conversions to the Google Ads reports.

Google Ads API server-to-server integration combined with Able CDP tracking and attribution provides powerful tools to understand how your ad spending drives sales and purchases. Able attributes conversions at all stages of the funnel such as successful payments, won CRM deals and starting Stripe subscriptions to the original Google Ads ad clicks and IOS user identifiers and sends conversions to Google Ads API. In lieu of click identifier, Able sends browser identifiers and user identifiers such as email and phone to allow Google Ads to attribute and report conversions from IOS traffic.

Understand What Drives Sales

Map customer journey to each purchase and understand which ads campaigns are producing the best results

Able captures complete journey of each customer, allowing to understand how your customers buy and how segments perform across campaigns even on low volume experimental conversion data while you're still perfecting your pipeline. In addition to providing a built-in user interface to research individual customers' journeys, Able Customer Data Platform integrates with analytics platforms that don't have a 30-day conversion window limitation such as Google Analytics, allowing to understand complete LTV and report performance of the campaigns.

Understand What Drives Sales

High-performing Google Ads Campaigns With First-Party Data

Use power of first-party data to optimize your advertising strategy

Report on currently missing conversions that happen after browser analytics and tracking cookies expire or not available on devices. Able offers built-in tracking to capture ad clicks and user identifiers, associate them with customer details and stores them in its customer data platform. Able Customer Data Platform then attributes conversions to these customers sources and sends conversions with complete customer match parameters to Google Ads, fixing tracking for IOS traffic.

High-performing Google Ads Campaigns With First-Party Data

Track Metrics That Matter To The Business

Resolve conversion data discrepancies to show the real ROI of your ad spend

Gain insights into ad conversions in business-specific dimensions. Able attributes conversions to IOS user identifiers and GCLIDs of the original clicks regardless where they happen in your funnel and sends full conversion details to Google Ads API including user identifiers that help to report IOS 14.5+ conversions, as well as Google Ads Custom Variables to segment reported conversions in the Google Ads reports. This allows to use Google Ads optimization and Customer Match audiences can then be set up to use these conversions and their values to refine audience targeting.

Track Metrics That Matter To The Business

How does it work?

Build an entire journey of each customer from the first Google Ads click

Attribute 99% of sales

Connect Google Ads with other software without coding

Able CDP is a low-cost solution that combines browser tracking with server-side API integrations, linking website activity and Google Ads click IDs with server-side sales to build a complete journey of each customer across website and back-office tools.

Able attributes 99% of sales to the correct visitor, allowing to see the full journey of each individual customer acquired from Google Ads and obtain data to inform strategy.

Skip coding or complex manual set-up of the connection between Google Ads API and other software in your funnel. Able already knows how to track GCLIDs and first-party user identifiers that Google Ads uses for IOS traffic, associate sign ups with them, attribute conversions happening elsewhere and send them back to Google Ads API to facilitate platform's AI/ML ad delivery optimization.

Read how Able CDP works in our docs

Able Customer Data Platform is easy to set up


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Connect Able to your CRM, payment system or send custom conversions using its REST API


Connect Google Ads to allow Able to send tracked conversions attributed to the original ad clicks to Google Ads API

Improve Google Ads conversion tracking with Able Customer Data Platform in 5 minutes

Sample Integration Scenarios


Google Ads Customer Match November 2021 Updates

Google announced updates to Google Ads Customer Match availability and Google Ads API during the last few months. These updates aim to improve reporting that was affected by the April update, which removed unique click identifiers from IOS traffic to comply with Apple App Tracking Transparency restrictions. This post explains what changed, how Google improved reporting by the Customer Match roll-out and Google Ads API v9 changes and what advertisers can do to understand sources of their sales while staying compliant with Apple tracking restrictions.

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Google Ads Conversion Tracking Post IOS 14

Many marketers were affected by the disappearance of GLCID parameter in Google Ads paid traffic after the April 26th update. To comply with Apple App Tracking Transparency restrictions, Google had to start sending WBRAID and GBRAID parameters instead, providing anonymised way to track ad conversions. In this post we'll discuss the implications, what it means for tracking and how Able can be used to keep tracking conversions for Google Ads traffic without GLCIDs.

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Send Purchases to Google Ads

Sending conversions to Google Ads is an extremely common integration scenario. Its used to add conversion value to Google Ads’ reports, allowing to report on ROI, as well as to use performance-based targeting and optimization capabilities.

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“A valuable insight we've got because of using Able Customer Data Platform is that display ads aren't working for us at all... we've been wasting money for years on paid display ads.

Before Able we'd be excited about every lead or email that came through, but after the last year we've determined that those don't convert at all.

And so we've been focusing on paid search, which does have return on investment.”

— Bryan Brinton, Co-Founder, Aluvii Software