TikTok Integration

Add conversion values to TikTok Events API reports, use performance-based automatic targeting and optimization capabilities to engage your audience and gain deep insights into ad conversions with Able Customer Data Platform

TikTok is a short-length video sharing platform, which many brands utilise for advertising.

TikTok Events API allows you to instal a pixel on your site to track videos' performance on the platform, providing data on impressions and clicks. Ads on TikTok can help raise your brand awareness and increase online sales, but only using TikTok Ads makes it difficult to track conversions reliably: it's not uncommon to see inaccurate statistics - higher or lower click numbers in TikTok Ad manager than in Google Analytics or duplicates in Shopify Analytics.

High-performing TikTok Ads Campaigns With First-Party Data

Combine first-party tracking with TikTok Events API integration

Report on currently missing conversions that happen after browser analytics and tracking cookies expire or on different devices. Able offers built-in tracking to capture TikTok ad click and browser ids, associate them with customer details, store them in its customer data platform. Able Customer Data Platform then attributes conversions to these customers sources and sends conversions with complete match parameters to TikTok Pixel of Offline Event Set using TikTok Events API.

High-performing TikTok Ads Campaigns With First-Party Data

Understand What Drives Sales

Map customer journey to each purchase

Able Customer Data Platform captures complete journey of each customer, allowing to understand how your customers buy and how segments perform across campaigns even on low volume experimental conversion data while you're still perfecting your pipeline. In addition to providing a built-in user interface to research individual customers' journeys, Able integrates with analytics platforms that don't have a 7-day conversion window limitation such as Google Analytics, allowing to understand and report performance of the campaigns.

Understand What Drives Sales

How does it work?

Build an entire journey of each customer from first TikTok Ads click

Attribute 99% of your sales

Connect TikTok Ads with other software without coding

Able is a low-cost solution that combines browser tracking with server-side API integrations, linking website activity and TikTok Events API click IDs with server-side sales to build a complete journey of each customer across website and back-office tools.

This allows you to attribute 99% of sales to the correct ad click, as well as see full website journey of each individual customer from TikTok Events API and obtain data to inform strategy.

All of this without coding and complex manual set-up of the connection between TikTok Ads and other software. Able CDP already knows how to track TikTok Events API click IDs, associate sign ups with them, attribute conversions happening elsewhere and send them back to TikTok Events API to facilitate platform's AI/ML ad delivery optimization.

Read how Able CDP works in our docs

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Connect TikTok Events API to allow Able to send conversions attributed to the original ad clicks to a Facebook Pixel or Offline Event Set.

TikTok Events API integration combined with Able CDP tracking and attribution provides powerful tools to understand how your ad spending drives sales and purchases.

Sample Integration Scenarios


“A valuable insight we've got because of using Able Customer Data Platform is that display ads aren't working for us at all... we've been wasting money for years on paid display ads.

Before Able we'd be excited about every lead or email that came through, but after the last year we've determined that those don't convert at all.

And so we've been focusing on paid search, which does have return on investment.”

— Bryan Brinton, Co-Founder, Aluvii Software