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Able CDP was created by experienced marketers and engineers who wanted to empower efficiency of marketing by democratizing access to the advanced technology used by large advertisers running multimillion dollar ad campaigns.

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Able's philosophy

Able sees a growing gap between the efficiency of online advertising that small and medium businesses can achieve and opportunities available for large advertisers. It became especially evident with continuing introduction of customer tracking restrictions, which made it harder to understand results of marketing spend without invasive tracking.

Able CDP was built to provide a way to understand performance of customer acquisition channels, map customer journeys and report conversions to ad platforms for reporting and targeting optimization. It operates in a privacy-friendly way that doesn't depend on spying on customers and relies on first-party data obtained with consent to supplement online tracking limited in modern browsers – both for reporting purposes and targeting optimization in ad platforms.

Able is easy to setup. It automatically recognizes most of the marketing stack used by the website and suggests how to improve tracking step-by-step. It doesn't require developers' effort to install in most of the cases, relying on its automatic form tracking. It integrates directly with payment systems and e-commerce platforms, building a 360° view of each customer and sending correctly attributed conversions to ad platforms and analytics systems. Its customer data platform capabilities mean that unlike data integration and reporting services it always supplies ad platforms and analytics services with the complete conversion data, essential for reporting and ad delivery optimization in the privacy-conscious world.

Company Details

Able Digital Ltd (trading as Able CDP)
Company No: 13065774
+44 (0) 20 8058 6680
Registered Address:
124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

GDPR Compliance

Able is a data processor regulated by the UK Information Commissioner's Office. All of our data infrastructure is physically based in the UK and we are in a position to seamlessly process EU customers' data according to the European Commission adequacy decision.

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