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"(not set)" dimension in Google Analytics 4 reports

Why does the "session source / medium" dimension display "(not set)" in my report?

How to report Stripe automatic payments in Google Analytics

I have a SaaS website with Stripe payment and GA4. We track a user's first purchase and manual purchases within the app. But 15-20% of our users chose autopay when the minimum balance of the internal currency is reached. And we don't see these payments in GA4. Will your service be able to send data on automatic payments to GA4? Will they be linked to a specific user? Because right now we're evaluating our advertising channels by the first payment. Although some users stay on the platform for a long time and spend many times more than the first payment.

How to add UTM parameters to Google Ads

How to add UTM parameters in Google Ads?

Title: Why Some Customers Don't Have fbclid or fpb Parameters: A Brief Explanation

Why do some customers not have the fbclid or fpb parameter in Able CDP?

Why Google Analytics 4 has fewer conversions than Facebook and TikTok?

Why is amount of conversions from advertisement networks such as Facebook and Tiktok tracked with UTM tags is surprisingly low? Even though I'm running ads with UTM tags, I'm still seeing a huge discrepancy in the revenue generated. Other actions with less significance, such as people landing on the page and beginning a session, are also around 30% lower than what is reported on the ad platforms. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA) have similar issues, although UA can still keep track of activity when linked to a Google Ads account, which GA4 doesn't offer.

How Able Customer Data Platform helps track WooCommerce purchases

Will Able help track WooCommerce sales better than just having the tags installed normally?

Attributing sales for Facebook Ads with ClickFunnels

We're having issues attributing sales for our Facebook Ads with ClickFunnels. Does your software work with ClickFunnels and can we use it?

Google Ads data-driven attribution and a CRM

Can Google Ads data-driven attribution be used with a CRM?

Which ads contribute to Stripe sales

We have a website that uses stripe gateway to take payments for us. We need a way to find out where the sales are coming from, e.g., which ads contributed to sales or which website redirects have been used. Is this something Able CDP does?

WooCommerce and WooFunnels

How does Able improve tracking and attribution in Meta / Facebook when WooCommerce and WooFunnels are used?

Offline Conversion tracking with Shopify POS

We are looking with help setting up Offline Conversion tracking with our Shopify POS. We have read some of your content about being IOS 14.5+ friendly and are looking for some more information on how this could sync with Shopify, Google Ads and possibly SquareSpace?

Purchase Event Missing Some Deduplication Parameters

Purchase Event Missing Some Deduplication Parameters error appearing in Facebook Events Manager

Get the UTM data stuff as fast and accurate as possible

How do I get the UTM data stuff as fast and accurate as possible

Sending the data of add to cart, initiate checkout etc to the advertising platform

I'm wondering if you are also sending the data of add to cart, initiate checkout etc to the advertising platforms or only sending the Purchase data?