Able CDP Pricing

Starts at $50 per month. No setup fees.
Affordable for start-ups and provides a great value as you scale.

Fair price guarantee: Able CDP price is only based on how many new leads Able CDP tracks.
per month if billed yearly, $60 per month otherwise
Save $120 per year
Subscription fee includes processing of up to 500 new leads each month. Next leads up to 5000 are $ 0.04 each. Next leads are $ 0.01 each. A new lead is defined as a new unique lead, sign-up or a checkout with a phone, email or vendor-defined client id that weren't tracked by Able before.
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The subscription includes

First-Party Tracking

Able CDP tracking script tracks website visits, recording UTM parameters, referrer URL, landing page URL, Google Analytics Client Id, Facebook and Google click ids and associates them with customer when a lead form is submitted.

CRM Integrations

Integrate with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, sending there lead details together with attribution details. This allows to see source of each lead and closed deal inside CRM and report without having to use third-party applications.

CRM Revenue Attribution

Deals closed won in CRM are attributed to the original visitor and ad click and sent to the ad platforms and analytics services.

Stripe Revenue Attribution

Each payment done by a customer is attributed to the original website visit and ad click, allowing to report complete LTV in Google Analytics and ad platforms.

Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Integration

Sends purchases to Google Analytics as e-commerce transactions, attributing them to the original visitor details.

Facebook Conversions API Integration

Eliminates common tracking issues such as missing or duplicate conversions by combining first-party tracking data with server-side customer activity such as purchases.

Google Ads API Integration

Sends lifetime leads and purchases to Google Ads, allowing to facilitate its advanced ROI reporting with multi-touch attribution, as well as to optimise campaigns automatically.


Conversion events can be sent to Able CDP from custom apps, allowing to use Able CDP to track marketing website visitors and leads and leverage Able CDP tracking and attribution to attribute custom events to visitors and click ids, sending them to Google Analytics and ad platforms using Able CDP API integrations.

Customer Data Platform

Every tracked customer and visitor can be looked up in the Able CDP Dashboard, allowing to understand 360-degree view of each customer's activity and look up individual customers across systems - for example, to find Google Analytics Client Id by customer e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What commitment does Able CDP require? Can I cancel a subscription?

Able CDP is available as either a monthly or an annual subscription. Subscription renewal can be cancelled at any time. We're also offering a free trial period that allows you to evaluate Able CDP and see the benefits it provides before committing. The length of the trial period depends on your sales cycle and generally is between a week and a month.

How does the setup process look like?

We offer both self-service and assisted setup. Self-service setup is free. You will need to install Able tracking code on the website, which can be done by copying our tracking code to the website source code in CMS or adding it via GTM. Then, Able needs to be connected the payment system or e-commerce platform where conversions happen. This is usually done by setting up webhooks pointing to the Able platform, see, for example, Stripe tracking setup instructions or WooCommerce tracking setup instructions. Once you're satisfied that Able tracks sources of all your new customers, connect it to Google Analytics and ad platforms. These connections are set up by adding Google Analytics measurement id, Facebook Pixel Id or a similar identifier in the Able Dashboard, after which Able starts to send attributed conversions to the platforms that were selected.

Able is designed to work off the shelf, automatically linking marketing data between different sources and tracking customer journeys across them. It is easy to set up and doesn't require prolonged pre-sales and onboarding calls to get started—simply sign up for a free trial, entering your website URL, and our system will prepare your account and provide personalized step-by-step setup instructions.

Optionally, you may choose assisted setup. In case of assisted setup, our expert will guide you through the setup steps and, if you prefer so, may access your CMS and ad platforms and perform the setup themselves. If you're integrating with our platform with REST API or using SPA tracking for React.JS or Vue.JS apps, our expert will be available to help your developers with the process. After the setup is done, we'll monitor the data for integrity, verifying that all leads and purchases that happen in your payment system or e-commerce platform are tracked by Able, present in Google Analytics and send to ad platforms correctly. Optional assisted setup usually costs between $3,000 and $7,000, depending on the scope and whether any additional integrations or custom data processing are needed to be implemented. It includes 12 months premium support where we regularly monitor that the tracking is working as intended and the data are reaching Google Analytics, other BI systems, and ad platforms, and the conversion reporting settings are maintained correctly.

What reports are available in Able CDP?

Able CDP is primarily a tracking, attribution and data integration service, designed to be set up once and bring all required data right into the tools you're already using every day: Google Analytics, a CRM system, ad platform reports and so on. Able CDP Dashboard allows you to see number of tracking events, investigate integration errors and third-party API responses, as well as to look up all data about a customer by customer details or visitor identifier.

All data collected by Able CDP are available in Google BigQuery, allowing you to use attribution details and complete history of each customer in custom reports built in Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.

What personal data protection Able CDP offers and what compliance measures are required?

Able is a UK company, regulated by the UK Information Commissioner's Office, and the entire infrastructure for data storage and processing we're using is physically located in the UK. This makes compliance with both UK post-Brexit privacy regulations and EU GDPR seamless as the personal data we're processing are covered by the European Commission data protection adequacy decisions. Usual (local) regulations with regards to the data processors apply. We provide Data Processing Agreement and Internation Data Transfer Agreement on request.

What if the integration that I need is not supported by Able CDP?

We're constantly expanding capabilities and urge you to contact our product team to enquire. We might be able to provide a beta access to an integration that is already done but not yet advertised on our website or advise on when it is planned to be offered.

Additionally, Able CDP REST API and web hooks can be used to integrate your internal apps with Able CDP independently.

Are you able to invoice in local currency?

We're offering subscriptions in GBP and EUR in addition to USD.