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Webhook Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Send events as webhooks to Zapier and other destinations


Send events to a webhook

Send Able conversions to third-party applications using Webhooks.

Enter a webhook URL to deliver the webhooks to

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Webhook".

If you're using Zapier, see its help pages for the instructions how to set up a webhook trigger and generate a webhook URL.

The events are sent in JSON format and the data schema is similar to the 'resource' object used in the inbound webhook integrations, however, attribution fields such as 'utm_source' contain first-touch attribution parameters calculated by Able based on the customer history.

Enter authorization header

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Webhook".

If the webhook doesn't require basic authorization, leave the fields empty and press 'Save'.

If the webhook requires authorization, enter the Authorization header value to be used verbatim, i.e. 'Bearer ...' for token authorization.

Webhook conversion tracking is commonly used with

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