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Track Kajabi lead forms and purchases by receiving web hooks from Kajabi and attributing purchases


Track Kajabi Purchases

Able tracks Kajabi lead forms as well as purchases by receiving web hooks from Kajabi and attributing purchases to the original visitor tracked by Able, allowing to send purchase conversions to Google Analytics and ad platforms such as Google Ads.

  1. Switch Kajabi Form Tracking On

    Enable Kajabi dynamic form tracking to start tracking customer details entered in Kajabi forms.

    Open Able Dashboard and press ⊕ Add Service Integration button to do the action.
  2. Send Completed Kajabi Purchases to Able

    To set up sending of completed purchases from Kajabi to Able, add the following Purchase Webhook URL in Kajabi settings under Settings - Checkout:

    where %%FUNNEL_MARK%% - unique identifier of your funnel.

    Able will now receive webhooks from Kajabi, automatically attributing Purchases to Visitors by customer emails and phones and sending Purchase conversions with detailed Invoice Lines where supported.

    If Purchases are tracked by Able CDP, but the purchase details such as amount and price are missing

    Kajabi webhook for the Purchase events doesn't include the Purchase details. Able overcomes this limitation by including a workaround that captures the amount when a purchase started as an InitiateCheckout event and applying purchase details from it when the purchase is completed on the Kajabi back-end. If Able Customer history doesn't contain InitiateCheckout events, please verify that the visitor tracking code has been generated using the "Code" tab in the Able CDP dashboard is displayed on pages with Kajabi order forms.