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Pinterest Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Send server-side conversions to Pinterest


Track conversions from Pinterest campaigns using Pinterest Conversions API

Able CDP provides seamless integration with the Pinterest Conversions API to track conversions from your Pinterest advertising campaigns. This allows you to attribute purchases and other conversion events back to the Pinterest ads that drove them.

How It Works

When a website visitor clicks on one of your Pinterest ads, Able tracks the click, as well as Pinterest-assigned click identifier, and associates it with that customer's profile using first-party identifiers like emails or phone numbers. As the customer browses your site and potentially converts later, online or offline, Able sends the conversion data to Pinterest along with the identifiers needed to attribute it back to the original ad click.

This server-side approach ensures accurate conversion tracking even when things like ad blockers, cross-device usage, or offsite conversions would prevent traditional browser-based tracking from working reliably.

Key Features

  • Superior Attribution - Able's marketing attribution relies on a customer data platform database to ensure each conversion, regardless of where and when it happens, is attributed to the Pinterest click id (epik) before being sent to the Pinterest conversions API.
  • Conversion Deduplication - Able handles deduplication to ensure conversions aren't double-counted.
  • Privacy-Safe Tracking - Personally identifiable information like emails and phone numbers are securely hashed using SHA-256 before sending to Pinterest.
  • Customer Journey Tracking - By connecting identifiers across the customer journey, including ad clicks, website activity, CRM data, and offsite conversions, Able gives Pinterest a complete view of conversions, allowing you to make decisions based on actual ROI of the ads.
  • Fallback to Enhanced Conversions - When click identifiers aren't available, Able can leverage Pinterest's Enhanced Conversions to attribute based on hashed emails/phones.

Getting your Access Token and Advertiser ID

  1. Get your access token by going to your Ads Manager, and select Conversions.
  2. Select Conversion access token, and click Generate new token.
  3. Access token and account ID will be displayed as shown:

Pinterest token and account id

Save access token and ad account id in Able

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Pinterest".

Save the values you've obtained from Pinterest in the previous below:

Enable outbound integration for the desired events

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Pinterest".

Note that Able would attempt to use Pinterest standard events when possible. For example, Purchase events will be sent as 'checkout', Lead as 'lead' and so forth.

If you're using Able server-side integration together with Pinterest browser tag, note that Able sends 'order_id' field as Pinterest 'event_id' for deduplication; in many cases it's advisable to use only Able tracking for sending server-side events, which ensures that all marketing attribution details are sent with the conversion and Pinterest has access to complete attribution data, rather than the data collected by its tag by relying on cookies and browser session.

This page has been written by the Able CDP Customer Success Team, formed of digital marketing practitioners and seasoned marketing data experts.
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