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ActiveCampaign Events

ActiveCampaign Events Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Send custom funnel events to ActiveCampaign.


Send Events to ActiveCampaign

Able CDP sends custom events to ActiveCampaign, allowing to synchronise customer events that happen in third-party services, such as Stripe, into ActiveCampaign.

Able CDP ActiveCampaign Events API integration sends any events that happen in third-party services (for example, Stripe Invoice Payments or WooCommerce Purchases) to ActiveCampaign, allowing to use them for ActiveCampaign automations and segmentation.

Please note that this integration doesn't automatically send contact details to ActiveCampaign. This is due to the ActiveCampaign API implementation, using separate API keys for events and contacts.

If you'd like Able CDP to create and update contacts, please set up an ActiveCampaign Contacts integration as well.

Enable ActiveCampaign Event Tracking

  1. Enable ActiveCampaign Event Tracking using instructions from ActiveCampaign website.
  2. Write down the actid and Event Key displayed in ActiveCampaign.
  3. In ActiveCampaign event tracking settings, add events that you're planning to send from Able. For example, Purchase.

Add ActiveCampaign Events Tracking Settings to Able

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "ActiveCampaign Events".

Add a new credential of the 'activecampaign-events' type, copying settings from the ActiveCampaign.

Enable Outbound Integration in Able

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "ActiveCampaign Events".

Select the ActiveCampaign credential and choose desired event type. For example, Purchase. Press Save.