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Donorbox Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Track Donorbox thank you pages and attribute all plans and repeat donations to the original source.


Track Donorbox donations

Track Donorbox thank you pages, attributing each donation details to the website visitor source. Able CDP integrates Donorbox with ad platforms' conversion APIs using complete customer details, eliminating tracking problems. The unique capability of Able tracking combines in-browser tracking data with server-side Donorbox webhooks, allowing to report repeat revenue and subscriptions in ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, as well as report lifetime donations value in Google Analytics.

Once the initial donation is tracked, all visitor and ad click details are stored and associated with personal information, allowing Able CDP to attribute any future donations and plan lifecycle events to the original ad click and visitor source. Both front-end and server-side events can then be sent to ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads Conversions API and TikTok Events API, as well as Google Analytics 4.

Able tracks the following Donorbox lifecycle events, collecting all into a single journey:

  1. Donations, combining data from thank you page tracking for the initial donation with webhook data
  2. Recurring donations using webhooks (RecurringSubscriptionPayment event)
  3. Plan creation (Subscribe event)
  4. Plan cancellation or pause (CancelSubscription event)
  5. Failed plan payment (FailedSubscription event)

Enable Donorbox thank you page tracking

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Donorbox".

Enable tracking of Donorbox parameters in Able CDP tracking code to record customer details. For Able CDP tracking to work correctly, donation details, including personal details, should be enabled in the Donorbox campaign settings.

Send Donorbox webhooks to Able

Able attributes all follow-on revenue to the original donor source, allowing to measure and report lifetime value for each campaign.

  1. Login to your Donorbox account, click Add-ons in the left sidebar > click API & Zapier Integration
  2. Add Custom Webhooks for the following endpoints (where %%FUNNEL_MARK%% is unique funnel identifier, available in the Get Code section of the Able Dashboard):
  3. New/Update Donation -
  4. New/Update Plan -

Donorbox conversion tracking is commonly used with

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