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Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Track Leads captured using Elementor Pro forms and attribute future purchases to their sources.


Track Elementor Forms

Able supports tracking of Leads captured using Elementor forms.

It allows Able CDP to record customer details early in the funnel and attribute future purchase conversions, sending them to Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This allows to use ad platforms and Google Analytics native reports to report on lead and purchase conversions, as well as to drastically improve audience optimization by letting ad platforms know what leads have converted into paying customers.

Able tracks entered names and email, allowing to attribute future purchases to the tracked Elementor form submissions.

Enable Elementor Pro Form Tracking

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Elementor Pro".

Elementor Pro conversion tracking is commonly used with

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