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Send conversions to TikTik Events API


Send Conversions to TikTok Events API

Able supports sending of conversions to TikTok events API. In addition to the TikTok click id, Able sends all customer information such as email, phone and browser details, allowing TikTok to recognize and attribute maximum number of conversions.

Some events may be renamed to adhere to standard TikTok events specification; for example, Purchase conversion will be sent to TikTok as CompletePayment event, and Lead conversion as SubmitForm event.

  1. Set up ttclid

    What is Tiktok Click ID or ttclid

    Tiktok Click IDs or ttclid are tracking parameters that are attached to your ad's landing page URLs. When a Tiktok user clicks on an ad and land on your website, a unique ttclid is created and appended to the URL. Tiktok Click IDs helps you to match users and attribute event to your TikTok ads accurately. It is strongly encouraged to set up ttclid to improve your ads performance.

    Step 1: Append the CLICKID macro to campaign URL

    Add ttclid=__CLICKID__ to the end of your url and insert it in the Ad Group-> Ad Details-> URL in TikTok Ads Manager

  2. Generate an Access Token

    The TikTok Ads Manager account Admin or Operator can generate an access token directly under the pixel Settings tab.


    1. In TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to Assets > Events, and click Manage in the Web Events section.
    2. Find the pixel object that you want to use for reporting events, and click its name to view its settings. If you need to create a new pixel object, remember to select Manually install pixel code and Developer Mode.
    3. In the Settings tab, click Generate Access Token. The token will be generated immediately. You can then copy the access token and save it in Able:
    Open Able Dashboard and press ⊕ Add Service Integration button to do the action.
  3. Enable Outbound Integration With TikTok

    Select event to send to TikTok and enter the Pixel ID that should be used with this event. You could find the Pixel ID by logging in your TikTok ads manager account and navigate to Assets->Event->Website Pixel. Copy the ID displayed.

    Open Able Dashboard and press ⊕ Add Service Integration button to do the action.