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Chargebee Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Attribute Chargebee-processed payments to the original marketing sources


Chargebee conversion tracking

Able CDP supports tracking of sources of the payments that are made using Chargebee. It records source of each visitor when they become leads or sign-up, associating the customer details with the visitor identity. This allows to attribute all payments and subscription lifecycle events made by through Chargebee to the original visitor sources, as well as send precise click id parameter to the supported ad platform integrations such as Facebook Conversions API, Google Ads API and TikTok Events API.

To send Purchase events from Chargebee to Able:

  1. In Chargebee, go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > API Keys and Webhooks
  2. Add Webhook Endpoint URL
  3. Select which events to send

Able supports the following Chargebee events:

  • subscription_started
  • subscription_activated
  • subscription_cancelled
  • payment_succeeded
  • payment_failed
  • payment_refunded

Able CDP will now receive webhooks from Chargebee, automatically attributing Purchases and other lifecycle events to website visitors by customer emails and phones and tracking payment amounts and other conversion details.