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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Conversion Tracking And Attribution – How To Set Up

Send attributed conversions to Google Analytics 4.


Send Conversions to Google Analytics 4

Able Customer Data Platform attributes all customer activity to Google Analytics 4 Client Ids automatically, making it the easiest way to attribute conversions and send them to Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol.

All GA4 standard events as well as custom ones are supported. The event names are translated to GA4 format automatically. For example, Purchase becomes purchase and AddToCart becomes add_to_cart. The only exception to this rule is Lead event, which is sent as generate_lead to conform to the GA4 standard events specification.

Able makes it easy to migrate to Google Analytics 4 as no changes to tracking are required to integrate with Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol API; Able implementation of the integration takes care of transforming the events as required to be sent to GA4.

Obtain Measurement ID in Google Analytics 4 Settings

Open Web stream details in Google Analytics 4 admin to obtain Measurement Id and set a Measurement Protocol API Secret.

Save Google Analytics Tracking ID in Able

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Google Analytics 4".

Enable Outbound Integration

In Able Dashboard, press "Add Service Integration" and select "Google Analytics 4".

Google Analytics 4 conversion tracking is commonly used with

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