Track WooCommerce Purchases

Able tracks WooCommerce order forms as well as purchases by receiving web hooks from WooCommerce and attributing purchases to the original visitor tracked by Formsable, allowing to send purchase conversions to Google Analytics and ad platforms such as Google Ads.

To track customer details and associate WooCommerce customers with the visitor details, install tracking code generated using the "Code" section in the Able CDP dashboard. This code will track WooCommerce form submissions.

To set up sending of completed purchases from WooCommerce to Able:

  1. Open WooCommerce Settings, Advanced - REST API.
  2. Create a new API key with Read permissions.
  3. Copy Consumer key and secret into a new Able credential. To create a new credential, open API Credentials in the Able user interface and choose “Connect - Other”, set service to “woocommerce”. Paste Consumer key and secret from WooCommerce and press Save.
  4. Add inbound integration, selecting the created Credential and Purchase event.
  5. Open Advanced - Webhooks in WooCommerce settings. Add a new webhook with following parameters:
    Status: Active
    Topic: Action
    Action Event: woocommerce_order_status_changed
    Delivery URL:, where %%FUNNEL_MARK%% - unique identifier of your funnel.

Able CDP will now receive webhooks from WooCommerce and retrieve purchase details from its API, automatically attributing Purchases to Visitors by customer emails and phones and sending Purchase conversions with detailed Invoice Lines where supported.

WooCommerce purchases are attributed by matching purchase to the web lead by billing email or phone. Transition of order status into ‘processing’ is treated as a successful order event.

Read more about how to track e-commerce and DTC funnels on our website.

What else you can do

Send Purchase Conversions

Send Purchases to Google Analytics

Send attributed Purchases to Google Analytics from any source, such as a sending a closed won CRM deal, a successful Stripe Invoice payment or an e-commerce purchase that has been successfully paid.

Send Purchases to Google Ads

Sending conversions to Google Ads is an extremely common integration scenario. Its used to add conversion value to Google Ads’ reports, allowing to report on ROI, as well as to use performance-based targeting and optimization capabilities.

Send Purchases to Facebook Conversions API

Attributing conversions to Facebook Ads is a common task, however doing it with sufficient precision is hard. Sales might happen in CRM, or, when they happen online, customer might not come back to the website, so tracking with Facebook Pixel JS produces substandard results. Able solves this problem with its Facebook Conversions API integration.