Track Scoro Conversions

In addition to sending attribution details such as UTM parameters, referrer URL and landing page URL to Scoro, Able supports retrieving successful quotes from Scoro, attributing them to website visitors that produced leads and sending Purchase conversions to marketing APIs such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Conversion API and Google Ads API.

Enable Scoro API and Add Credential to Able (if not done previously)

  1. Open Site Settings - API Integrations in Scoro. Enable 'Scoro API'.
  2. Open API Credentials page in Formsable.
  3. Add new credential, choose 'Scoro' service.
  4. Enter API key from Scoro API settings into the 'Access Token' field.
  5. Enter Scoro account id from API settings and Scoro subdomain separated by a slash into the 'Name' field. They typically match, so it'd look like 'example/example'.
  6. Save the Credential.

Set Up Able to Poll Successful Quotes From Scoro

Open Funnel page in the Able CDP Dashboard. Add Inbound Integration, choose the Scoro credential and Purchase event type. Save.

Able will begin regularly polling Scoro for quotes that were recently changed to a successful state and will send quote details and amount to configured Purchase integrations.

What else you can do

Send Purchase Conversions

Send Purchases to Google Analytics

Send attributed Purchases to Google Analytics from any source, such as a sending a closed won CRM deal, a successful Stripe Invoice payment or an e-commerce purchase that has been successfully paid.

Send Purchases to Google Ads

Sending conversions to Google Ads is an extremely common integration scenario. Its used to add conversion value to Google Ads’ reports, allowing to report on ROI, as well as to use performance-based targeting and optimization capabilities.

Send Purchases to Facebook Conversions API

Attributing conversions to Facebook Ads is a common task, however doing it with sufficient precision is hard. Sales might happen in CRM, or, when they happen online, customer might not come back to the website, so tracking with Facebook Pixel JS produces substandard results. Able solves this problem with its Facebook Conversions API integration.