Can Able combine the proprietary Facebook data, such as IP, fbclid, and browser ID, with the fields filled out in the custom forms?

October 31, 2023


My clients use custom forms (such as Omeda Forms and Jotform) that are very extensive. Can Able combine the proprietary Facebook data, such as IP, fbclid, and browser ID, with the fields they fill out in the custom forms?


Able is capable of tracking and attributing conversions from most of these forms. Able can combine the proprietary Facebook data like IP, fbclid, browser ID assigned by pixel, etc., with the fields that users fill out in these custom forms.

One potential caveat is Able's built-in form tracking is adapted to capture minimum amount of data necessary for attribution: email, phone, first and last names etc. Basically, the parameters required by Facebook CAPI and similar APIs and a few fields that can help to identify customers such as company/name.

If you have to combine it with the remaining form fields, there are two approaches, depending on how you're planning to use the data:

  1. Connect Able CDP with BigQuery and use a BI tool like Looker Studio to merge Able's tracking data (which will contain click ids, UTM parameters, emails, name and so forth) with the database where you store the rest of the answers.
  2. Write a simple JavaScript code to send the additional fields you're interested to use with Able's integrations to Able as custom fields. has an example. This would work with Able's integrations transparently, i.e. custom fields will be sent to Facebook CAPI as custom parameters, if you connect Able to a CRM like Salesforce, it'd attempt to automatically map them to standard and custom CRM record fields etc.

This manual configuration is only necessary if you'd like to merge entiriety of form fields with the click ids and customer sources; if you're interested in tracking forms and attributing future conversions to them, sending conversions to Facebook CAPI etc, this is done fully automatically.

So in essence, yes, Able CDP combines Facebook data like IP, fbclid, browser ID, etc., with the fields filled out in the custom forms, enabling comprehensive tracking and attribution of customer interactions and conversions. This is especially powerful when used in conjunction with Able’s integrations with ad platforms and analytics services APIs, such as the Facebook Conversions API and Google Ads API.

Try to install Able on one of your websites as it'd make a lot more sense when looking at the actual data tracked by Able and the real-life setup process. Start with a free trial account.

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