WooCommerce and WooFunnels

August 3, 2022


How does Able improve tracking and attribution in Meta / Facebook when WooCommerce and WooFunnels are used?


Able sends customer details (such as email), Facebook click id (when available) and browser id assigned by pixel (used by Facebook/Meta to associate IP address and users's browser with the specific paid click) to the Conversions API.

This helps to attribute as many conversions as possible, as well as to build better defined lookalike audiences from your customer data.

Out of the box, Facebook Pixel relies on cookies to track user from the landing page to the purchase and this often doesn't work well - especially if you're using email automations such as WooFunnels, where customer can come back to the website and complete purchase from a different device or after a few days.

Able attributes each conversion to the initial ad click and visit and sends all details together. This is important, because sending conversions to Meta/FB Conversions API without attributing them to the first visit would result either in duplicates (if de-duplication with Pixel isn't used) or in lost conversions (because of a peculiar feature of Conversions API that ignores pixel data for the same order altogether when de-duplication is used, meaning click and browser ids aren't used for attribution unless your integration sends them).

We strongly recommend to use our integration with Google Analytics as well, to get a better view into full customer LTV, especially if you have longer funnels that fall outside of Facebook/Meta conversion windows.

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