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How Able Customer Data Platform helps track WooCommerce purchases


Will Able help track WooCommerce sales better than just having the tags installed normally?


The biggest benefits of using Able with WooCommerce are:

  1. Attributing all purchases to the original visitor sources regardless of when they happen. This is important if you have repeat purchases and need to calculate long-term LTV. (Able sends purchases to Google Analytics attributed to the original visitor so they're traceable to the source even when original cookies are no longer there.)
  2. Providing access to complete first-party tracking data via BigQuery. This allows to use Looker Studio or other BI tool to build reports for conversions with multiple touchpoints, as well as to report repeat purchases in greater detail.
  3. Last but not least, integrations with ad platforms. Able stores Facebook's user identifier (fbp) assigned to the visitor on first visit, as well as paid click id, sending each conversion to the CAPI with both Facebook's identifiers and personal identifiers such as customer's email. This significantly improves granularity of reporting, reducing conversion modelling errors. Able similarly supports Google Ads API and TikTok API.

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