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How to report Stripe automatic payments in Google Analytics


I have a SaaS website with Stripe payment and GA4. We track a user's first purchase and manual purchases within the app. But 15-20% of our users chose autopay when the minimum balance of the internal currency is reached. And we don't see these payments in GA4. Will your service be able to send data on automatic payments to GA4? Will they be linked to a specific user? Because right now we're evaluating our advertising channels by the first payment. Although some users stay on the platform for a long time and spend many times more than the first payment.


Yes, Able CDP does it by storing the GA4 Client Id that the customer originally had, associating it with user's email or internal identifier you might be using when the user signs up. All payments that happen in Stripe are sent to Able using Stripe webhooks and then automatically attributed to the original Client Id and sent to GA4 Measurement Protocol, ensuring GA4 can attribute them to the original customer's source. You may find more details on how it works at our website

In addition to the GA4 integration, Able data on customer journeys collected at website and via Stripe webhooks can be accessed directly through our integration with Google BigQuery. This allows to report customers' lifetime values without GA4 limitations such as limited lookback window.

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