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Purchase Event Missing Some Deduplication Parameters


Purchase Event Missing Some Deduplication Parameters error appearing in Facebook Events Manager


When Able (or other FB CAPI integration) is used, conversion events that are sent by it to the Facebook Conversions API should not be sent using Facebook Pixel as it'll lead to event duplication.

Contrary to the intuitive understanding, sending conversions to Facebook Conversions API together with using Facebook Pixel to track events doesn't result in better attribution. When it's done, Facebook will either ignore the additional attribution parameters in CAPI events altogether (when a deduplication parameter is supplied) or track event duplicates (when deduplication parameters are missing). This is done by design on the Facebook end. Our blog post about common Facebook tracking issues has more details about Facebook deduplication implementation.

To facilitate use of additional customer tracking data collected by Able CDP and prevent duplicates from appearing, send PageView events to Facebook Pixel from the browser and use Able to send Lead and Purchase events attributed to the original visitor.

Doing this in Shopify requires the following steps:

  1. Disable Shopify Facebook Data Sharing
  2. Edit Shopify theme and add Facebook Pixel code using the instructions to Manually add pixel code to website

This should resolve event duplication issues by making sure that each type of event is sent to Facebook Pixel and Conversions API once.

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