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Attributing sales for Facebook Ads with ClickFunnels


We're having issues attributing sales for our Facebook Ads with ClickFunnels. Does your software work with ClickFunnels and can we use it?


You can find detailed instructions for setting up Able with Clickfunnels at

We're sending phone, email, first and last name, address and fbp (FB Pixel Browser Id), as well as fbclid when available.

The setup process would look as follows:

  1. Add Able CDP tracking code to the website
  2. Enable Clickfunnels webhook to send conversions to Able
  3. Have it running for a day or two just to verify we're getting all conversions from CF and that they're attributed correctly - let me know if you notice any discrepancies in Able Dashboard
  4. Connect Able to your Facebook pixel to send Purchase conversions to the CAPI, disable sending of conversions from Clickfunnels directly to prevent duplicates; keep the Pixel itself installed though as it helps with tracking page views and assigning FB browser id to each visitor using Pixel's first-party cookie (which we'll also send to CAPI)

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