Stripe Payment Links Tracking – a Comprehensive Guide

November 20, 2023

In the realm of e-commerce and online transactions, Stripe Payment Links stand as a critical tool for businesses. However, the true power of these links is fully harnessed only when coupled with effective tracking and analysis. Able Customer Data Platform offers a tailored solution for this, enabling businesses to track sources of purchases and subscriptions made via Stripe Payment Links and extract meaningful insights from customer interactions. This blog post will explore how Able CDP elevates the tracking of Stripe Payment Links, ensuring detailed attribution and enhanced customer journey analysis for each click on a Stripe Payment Link from a website and subsequent purchase or subscription.

Able CDP attributes each purchase and subscription from a Stripe Payment Link on a website to the visitor source.

Track Payment Link Checkouts

  1. Utilizing Client Reference IDs in Stripe: A key feature in Stripe's arsenal, client reference IDs, becomes instrumental when integrated with Able CDP. These IDs, automatically appended to Stripe Payment Links by Able CDP, link each transaction to an individual's journey on your website, offering a detailed view of customer interactions.
  2. Comprehensive Tracking Across Platforms: Able CDP's ability to gather data from various touchpoints, including online behaviors, CRM engagements, and specifically Stripe Payment Link transactions, creates a holistic picture of the customer journey.
  3. First-Party Tracking and Precise Attribution: Through tracking vital data like UTM parameters, referral URLs, and landing pages, Able CDP accurately attributes each Stripe Payment Link transaction to its original source, overcoming common tracking challenges like inability to add tracking code to the Stripe Checkout or lack of purchase value and details at the thank you page.

Addressing Conversion Tracking Challenges with Able CDP

Able CDP's approach to tracking Stripe Payment Links resolves several critical issues:

Setting Up Able CDP for Stripe Payment Link Tracking

Sign-up for an Able CDP account. Free trial account will be instantly created and you'll be redirected to the Able Dashboard, offering a step-by-step guide to set up Stripe Payment Link tracking.

Generate tracking code in the 'Get Code' section of Able Dashboard. The code will assign if necessary and track client reference id parameters to each Stripe Payment Link on your website.

Set up a webhook in Stripe Dashboard to send conversion events to Able. 'Add Service Integration' – 'Stripe' will contain step-by-step instructions on how to do so, as well as personalized webhook URL.

See sources of each Stripe payment in Able Dashboard revenue report or connect it to supported integrations such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads or TikTok, allowing to see source, value and contents of each purchase.


The integration of Able CDP with Stripe Payment Links marks a significant advancement in e-commerce tracking. By providing a nuanced view of customer interactions and enhancing conversion attribution, Able CDP empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of online transactions with greater precision and insight. Embracing this technology not only streamlines the tracking of Stripe Payment Links but also unlocks a wealth of actionable data, driving businesses towards more informed and effective digital strategies.

Try Able CDP now to simplify your Stripe Payment Link tracking.