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Why so many marketers choose Able as an alternative to PostHog?

Here are some of the key differences to consider when looking for an alternative to PostHog.

While both Able and PostHog can be used for product analytics, what sets Able apart is its underlying technology that goes beyond marketing pitch.

Able's server-side integrations with payment systems like Stripe enable it to analyze subscription activations, cancellations, and payments, providing a more comprehensive view of customer behavior beyond app interactions and usage.

Able also focuses on marketing attribution, storing click identifiers for every signup and sending server-side conversions to ad platforms' conversions APIs, attributing them to the original ad click. This allows ad platforms to recognize the exact conversion source, enabling more precise targeting and optimization.

This focus allows Able to offer attractive scaled pricing by recording the data required for marketing attribution and marketing revenue analytics, whereas PostHog attempts to record as many user interaction events as possible without regard to how they will be processed in the future, necessitating expensive data storage and processing.

By functioning as a customer data platform, Able constructs a holistic view of the customer journey, rather than just collecting isolated app events. This comprehensive approach to customer data management sets Able apart from PostHog's product analytics focus.

You should choose Able if:

What advantages do you get by choosing Able as a PostHog alternative?

True Server-Side Attribution

Let ad platforms' AIs work for your business by streaming server-side conversion data from the back-end to Google Ads and Facebook Ads Conversion APIs. This facilitates ad platforms AI bidding optimization and enables the creation of custom segments and highly effective lookalike audiences in real-time.

Able CDP marketing API integrations are privacy-ready and function without relying on third-party cookies.

Compared to PostHog, Able CDP marketing integrations allow to use deeper conversion metrics available in ad platforms, such as Google Ads Observation audiences or various demographic segments in Meta to segment conversions to sign-ups and paying customers by demography and targeting interests that aren't available to product analytics services like PostHog.

Improve Your Marketing in Minutes

No matter whether your sales are low-touch or high-touch, one-off, recurring or subscription, Able CDP has tracking, attribution and API integrations solutions optimal for your business to help your long-term growth without delay.

While PostHog is tailored for developers who enjoy coding, Able CDP operates on the premise that good software shouldn't demand a full-time developer to operate. To begin, simply install Able CDP tracking code on your marketing website. It will automatically identify sign-up forms (tracking JS applications and single sign-on may require adding separate tracking code there) and connect with your payment system or CRM to send conversions to Able, requiring an absolute minimum of code to track vital conversions, such as those leading to paying customers.

Use Out-of-the-Box or Customize

In addition to offering a ready-to-use solutions for most funnels, Able can be heavily customised with custom applications by using its REST and JavaScript APIs, as well as lambda functions that transform events that come from external sources. It also features a Google BigQuery integration that allows to access all data Able collects.

Able CDP offers a radically different approach compared to PostHog. Instead of aiming to build a platform for everything, Able CDP focuses on marketing attribution and server-side tracking. It provides built-in opinionated reporting with essential metrics, but it's intended to complement ad platforms' reporting. For bespoke customized reporting, it integrates seamlessly with purpose-built BI tools. Unlike PostHog, you'll never be confined to proprietary reporting.

Simplify Data Warehouse Setup

Able automatically transforms all data into a common schema that is easy to analyze and report on, allowing to understand touchpoints and uncover insights.

It also sends back-end conversions to Google Analytics and ad platforms ensuring that each conversion is correctly attributed and recognized throughout the marketing software stack you're using.

To connect PostHog to ad platforms APIs such as Facebook (Meta) Conversions API, Google Ads API, and others, you need to utilize third-party platforms. Moreover, PostHog is intentionally designed to be incompatible with industry-standard solutions that Able CDP is designed to seamlessly integrate and work with out of the box.

Don't just take our word for it

Software companies, e-commerce stores and various types of digital businesses around the world are using Able CDP to fundamentally improve their marketing strategy.

A valuable insight we've got because of using Able Customer Data Platform is that display ads aren't working for us at all... we've been wasting money for years on paid display ads. Before Able we'd be excited about every lead or email that came through, but after the last year we've determined that those don't convert at all. And so we've been focusing on paid search, which does have return on investment.

Bryan Brinton
Bryan Brinton
CFO, Co-Founder of Aluvii
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