Connect Chargebee and Google Analytics

Why do Chargebee and Google Analytics Need to Be Connected?

Chargebee is a powerful subscription billing processing SaaS platform, usually processed through Stripe. Google Analytics is one of the most widely used web analytics services. Both platforms keep a rich set of sales data, but there are often significant discrepancies between them.

  1. 30-40% of conversions in Google Analytics often have direct or incorrect sources, as well as not being attributed to the actual landing page that the customer first saw or found in an organic search engine. This happens because Google Analytics creates a separate session for the returning customer when a different device is used or if browser privacy features block Google Analytics cookies.  Chargebee payments are processed through Stripe, and Stripe also does not enable tracking of website visitors before they become customers and link purchases to the original lead source. 

Chargebee and Google Analytics integration enables you to get a complete view of the customer journey. Attributing sales to leads and leads to marketing sources allows you to accurately track marketing campaigns and understand LTV and ROI.

A Complete Solution for Integrating Chargebee and Google Analytics

Able Customer Data Platform is the ultimate Chargebee and Google Analytics integration.

It combines browser tracking with server API integrations, linking website activity with purchases on the back-end to build a complete journey of each customer across Chargebee and Google Analytics.

This allows you to attribute 99% of sales to the correct marketing source, ad click and landing page and obtain data to inform strategy.

All of this without coding and complex manual set-up of the connection between Chargebee and Google Analytics. Able already knows how to connect marketing data between Chargebee and Google Analytics.

How Able CDP Integrates Chargebee and Google Analytics

Able makes it easy  to report in Google Analytics on actual Chargebee revenue rather than conversions to leads, attributing all subsequent Chargebee revenue to the original visitor and campaign - even if it occurs weeks after the initial visit.

Able CDP combines browser and back-end tracking to:

  1. store Client Id for each lead and sign-up;
  2. attribute successful Chargebee payment through Stripe to the Google Analytics user id and send e-commerce transaction to Google Analytics.

6 Steps to Connect Chargebee with Google Analytics by Using Able

Step 1. Sign up for a free account

Step 2. Install Able tracking code on the website

After signing up for a free account, Able CDP will prompt you to add code to your website. The tracking code is necessary to allow Able to link Chargebee and Google Analytics to ensure all conversions data is transferred successfully.

  • Add lead form URLs to the HTML Forms Tracking section to let Able automatically recognize the sign-up and lead forms you're using. Any standard lead form widgets that we could detect during the account setup will appear in the Dynamic Lead Forms Tracking section.
  • Press "Generate" in the Get Code section to generate a unique tracking code to add to your site.

Able CDP page view tracking doesn't install its own cookies and relies on third-party identifiers such as Google Analytics Client Id to connect customer activity between website pages. Please enable cross-domain measurement in Google Analytics if your landing and lead/order pages are hosted on different domains.

Step 3. In the Funnel tab, click add service integration to select which platforms you want to integrate with

Step 4. Connect Able to Chargebee

Able Customer Data Platform attributes Chargebee payments (processed using Stripe) to the original marketing source.

To send Purchase events from Stripe to Able:

  1. Open Stripe Webhook Dashboard
  2. Add Webhook Endpoint (where 10 is the id of your Able CDP Funnel) and enable the 'payment_intent.succeeded' event

Able CDP will now receive webhooks from Stripe, automatically attributing Purchases by customer emails and phones and sending Purchase conversions with payment amounts.

If you need to recognize conversion during user actions (for example, immediately after a service is consumed, rather than when its successfully billed), consider a direct integration with Able REST API.

Step 5. Add Google Analytics Measurement Id to Able to send payments as Google Analytics e-commerce conversions

1. The first step is to locate the Google Analytics measurement id for the property you’d like to use for reporting.

Open Google Analytics, Admin – Web Stream Details page. Tracking Id should be the first item on the list. Record it.

2. Second, you'll be prompted to save a Google Analytics Tracking ID in Able

3. Enable Outbound Integration

Select the Google Analytics Credential you’ve just saved and ‘Purchase’ event type. Press ‘Save’.

Step 6. Send purchase info to Google Analytics

Following the above process for sending leads, you will be prompted to set up the purchase integration to send attributed Purchases to Google Analytics from any source, such as a sending a successful Stripe Invoice payment.

Select the Google Analytics Credential you’ve just saved and ‘Purchase’ event type. Press ‘Save’.

At this point, required integration setup is complete and Able will start sending all Purchases that it attributed to Google Analytics visitors to Google Analytics Measurement API. Conversions will appear in all standard reports.

Example of attributed conversions being shown in a Google Analytics 4 User Acquisition report.

Able offers complete support of Google Analytics 4. Universal Analytics will shut down in July 2023, so we recommend beginning the process of sending data to GA4 now so you have time to familiarize yourself with the platform and begin accumulating data there.

Google Analytics

Start integrating Chargebee and Google Analytics right now

Don't just take our word for it

Software companies, e-commerce stores and various types of digital businesses around the world are using Able CDP to fundamentally improve their marketing strategy.

We have been looking for a tool that could help gain better insights into our marketing efforts. We tried many, but none of them worked until we found Able. The reason Able CDP works for us, is that it is simple and does not try to reinvent the wheel but rather builds on existing tools and software out there. It helps us link our 'offline' sales to our marketing efforts and have it show up in Google Analytics. It then further helps us to optimize the digital marketing efforts by sending the real conversions (sales) to the marketing platforms. We seem to have finally closed the circle of our efforts and it will help us understand better and better what works, what doesn't and how to fix it or reallocate budgets.

Kjeld Schigt
Kjeld Schigt
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