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Marketing integrations that work out of the box

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Able is a customer data platform that uses out-of-the-box marketing integrations to provide a simple and reliable way to implement first-party customer tracking. Able CDP tracks customers and attributes events throughout the entire funnel, helping you to improve marketing strategy with actionable data produced by Able tracking. Read the following comparison pages to learn more about the benefits Able can bring you compared to other platforms.

CRMs with built-in attribution

Marketing attribution software

These platforms provide tracking and attribution tools, but because Able is a customer data platform (CDP), it enables a better holistic view of the customer journey using each step throughout your sales funnel.

Customer Data Platforms

Server-Side Facebook Conversions API Integrations

There are multiple ways to connect conversion data with Facebook (Meta) Conversions API. Discover the differences between them and available alternatives.

Marketing data connectors

Marketing data connectors are useful in collecting data from various platforms, helping to understand customer behavior and prepare marketing reports.

Product analytics tools

Product analytics tools are designed to collect insights about how users interact with and navigate through a digital product itself. Unlike customer data platforms that track the wider customer journey, these tools hone in on collecting and analyzing data from within the product experience. This specialized focus allows businesses to dissect user behavior patterns, understand feature adoption and usage, pinpoint areas of friction or drop-off, and identify optimization opportunities - all within the confines of the product's interface and functionality.