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What makes Able CDP a good Triple Whale alternative?

All tracking and attribution tools make similar promises: tracking customers, understanding which ads sell, calculating profitability. What makes Able different is the technology underneath the marketing speak.

Conversions API Integrations and
True Back-End Attribution

Both Able and Triple Whale help to connect sales with marketing spending. But Able has more intuitive integrations with Facebook Conversions API and Google Ads API that allow it to send data to the ad platforms and leverage powerful automatic audience optimization offered by Facebook Ads and Google Ads, rather than merely reporting ROI for campaigns. Able supports additional identifiers used by Facebook and Google Ads on IOS 14+ devices with the customer details that are available on the back-end, allowing it to be sent to Facebook Conversions API and Google Ads API as a single event.

One important functionality of ad platforms that all-in-one reporting and attribution platforms such as Triple Whale overlook is the potential to optimize ad performance by sending conversion data.

Use of Facebook Conversions API can improve your CPA by 13% across multiple verticals when setting up the Conversions API with the Meta pixel. It can also increase your lead to sale conversion rate by 20% by showing you which ads are optimized for your customer base. Connecting Able CDP to your Facebook Conversions API will ensure this helpful data is efficiently transferred to other analytics platforms you may be using, allowing for even better analysis of your marketing campaigns and customer journey.

By allowing Able to send conversions to ad platforms and Google Analytics, you can attribute 99% of your purchases to the correct marketing sources.

With Able CDP it's possible to get correct conversion data into ad platforms to analyze RoAS, compare performance of narrow audience segments and make sure you're maximizing your ad returns by advertising to the right segments and letting ad platforms' AI refine them further.

Improve Your Marketing In Minutes

No matter whether your sales are low-touch or high-touch, one-off, recurring or subscription, Able CDP has tracking, attribution and API integrations solutions optimal for your business to help your long-term growth without delay.

No sales calls. No commitment. No opaque setup instructions. No custom reporting that needs to be re-learned. Just a product that solves exactly the problem you have in minutes.

Map Customer Journey to Each Purchase

Able CDP keeps knowledge about each customer activity, regardless of whether it happens online on the website or offline and in a CRM. It tracks and displays full journeys of each individual customer from the first ad click and landing page visit to CRM and payment systems conversions and gives you insight into these journeys through a visual history of each customer.

This feature makes Able CDP an excellent alternative to Triple Whale for marketers and entrepreneurs who aren't satisfied with top-down overall statistics and are interested in understanding how their customers from each segment make the decision to buy.

Connect Data With Data Warehouses

Reporting in ad platforms allows to segment audience by demographics, location, and device type. Able CDP tracks all data from different sources, creating first-party customer profiles that you can then feed to Google Analytics, BigQuery, and other ad and analytics platforms. This allows for more flexible reporting and transparency.

Able helps with fixing 100% of the data quality issues in Google Analytics 4. GA4 reporting is more versatile than anything else, so ensuring the data being sent to it is as accurate as possible is extremely important for successful analysis of the data and understanding of your customers' journeys.

For anything that Google Analytics 4 reporting cannot achieve, we offer full access to data collected by Able via the BigQuery integration. It can be used with Looker Studio, Google Sheets and other BI tools, providing endless reporting capabilities.

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