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Track all Privy conversions in Looker Studio. Improve attribution, track conversions accurately, and optimize your marketing campaigns with Able CDP.

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How Able tracks Privy conversions in Looker Studio?

Able uses a special blend of browser tracking and server-side tracking to ensure as many conversions as possible are attributed.

visitor source
email or phone
customer ID

1. Track Looker Studio user identifiers and customer identifiers used by Privy

Able Customer Data Platform:

  • Tracks website visitor activity, building a customer profile from the first interaction
  • Stores every online touchpoint and interaction, associating their sources with the customer profile
  • Enriches customer profile with customer details as soon as they're entered in a sign-up or lead form
  • Associates them with customer email entered in a Privy form
Privy Lead
customer email
visitor source
email or phone
customer ID

2. Attribute Privy conversions to Looker Studio users and clicks

Privy customer details are tracked by Able when a Privy form is completed.

Able's server-side tracking attributes Privy conversions to the tracked customer journeys, enabling easy reporting of the conversions' sources in Looker Studio.

Looker Studio Event
→ customer ID
customer email

3. Connect Privy conversions with Looker Studio API

Looker Studio receives server-side conversions from Able and correctly attributes them to the source using attribution parameters provided by Able.

Able provides a foundation for building composable CDPs with Looker Studio by collecting both online and offline server-side activities into customer profiles that use consistent customer identifiers. It provides real-time access to the collected data without being limited by thresholds, processing delays, or ETL latency.

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Use standard tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and your preferred BI and dashboard software to see exact performance and revenue of each channel and landing page even when sales happen weeks after the initial ad click.

How Able consolidates API and Pixel data

Able tracks customers from their first website visit and associates UTM parameters, ad click, and browser identifiers with customer details from lead and sign-up forms. It combines this data with server-side information to record conversions without relying on cookies and pixels. Able CDP's unique approach ensures that you have the most accurate and complete picture of your customers, allowing for better targeting and personalization of your marketing campaigns.

Client-side pixel tracking has long been a staple in monitoring user behavior and engagement on websites. However, it faces limitations due to privacy restrictions, cookie blocking, and user consent management. To address these challenges, we've developed a solution that incorporates server-side integrations, which capture customer interaction data on the server-side, bypassing the limitations of browser-based tracking and providing a more reliable method for tracking user interactions and attributing conversions

The true innovation of Able CDP lies in its Conversions API integrations, which connect directly with ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads via server-to-server communication. This approach offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions, both online and offline, without relying on browser-based tracking or user consent.

Experience the future of data-driven marketing with Able CDP, a platform designed to deliver unparalleled insights and empower businesses to make informed decisions.

How Able CDP's server-side API integrations differ from server-side GTM and CAPI Gateway?

In comparison, server-side tracking by Able uses server-to-server communication to receive conversion data directly from your e-commerce platform, payment system, CRM or application to ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This method offers a more comprehensive view of customer interactions, including both online and 'offline' events, without relying on browser-based tracking or user consent.

The primary advantage of server-side pixels over client-side pixel tracking is that they are less vulnerable to privacy restrictions. However, like client-side pixel tracking, server-side pixels still require some form of user interaction with a website or application to trigger an event. sGTM and CAPI Gateway can only send as much information to the ad platform as they receive from the browser.

Able CDP's server-side tracking and API integrations work alongside both client-side and server-side pixel tracking to provide a complete and accurate solution for tracking customer interactions and attributing conversions. By combining the strengths of these approaches, Able CDP ensures that you have the most reliable data available for your marketing analysis, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and achieve better results.

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Software companies, e-commerce stores and various types of digital businesses around the world are using Able CDP to fundamentally improve their marketing strategy.

A valuable insight we've got because of using Able Customer Data Platform is that display ads aren't working for us at all... we've been wasting money for years on paid display ads. Before Able we'd be excited about every lead or email that came through, but after the last year we've determined that those don't convert at all. And so we've been focusing on paid search, which does have return on investment.

Bryan Brinton
Bryan Brinton
CFO, Co-Founder of Aluvii