Track RevenueHunt Quizzes

Able CDP tracks Leads captured using RevenueHunt quizzes.

It allows Able CDP to record customer details early in the funnel and attribute future purchase conversions, sending them to Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This allows to use ad platforms and Google Analytics native reports to report on lead and purchase conversions, as well as to drastically improve audience optimization by letting ad platforms know what leads have converted into paying customers.

To start tracking RevenueHunt quiz completions, insert tracking code into Results Page Settings > Advanced Settings - Custom JavaScript.

For example, to capture event and any entered emails:

const quizEmails = [];
for (const quizAnswer of prq.quizSlides()) {
if (quizAnswer.attributes.values && quizAnswer.attributes.values[0] && quizAnswer.attributes.values[0].toString().match(/^[\w\.\-]+@[\w\.\-]+$/)) { quizEmails.push(quizAnswer.attributes.values[0]) } }
uipe('track', 'Lead', { keys: { email: quizEmails } })

The page containing the quiz should have the Formsable tracking code installed as well.

Please refer to the RevenueHunt Custom JavaScript Code instructions for more details about the quiz results available.

What else you can do

Send Purchase Conversions

Send Purchases to Google Analytics

Send attributed Purchases to Google Analytics from any source, such as a sending a closed won CRM deal, a successful Stripe Invoice payment or an e-commerce purchase that has been successfully paid.

Send Purchases to Google Ads

Sending conversions to Google Ads is an extremely common integration scenario. Its used to add conversion value to Google Ads’ reports, allowing to report on ROI, as well as to use performance-based targeting and optimization capabilities.

Send Purchases to Facebook Conversions API

Attributing conversions to Facebook Ads is a common task, however doing it with sufficient precision is hard. Sales might happen in CRM, or, when they happen online, customer might not come back to the website, so tracking with Facebook Pixel JS produces substandard results. Able solves this problem with its Facebook Conversions API integration.

Send Leads

Send Leads to Google Analytics

The easiest way to attribute leads to Google Analytics user ids is to use Able Customer Data Platform, which does it automatically.

Send Leads to Scoro

Extend form Leads with additional attribution details such as UTM parameters, referrer URL, landing page URL and Google Analytics Click Id and send them to Scoro as Companies and Contacts.

Send Attributed Leads to Salesforce

Being able to keep track of online marketing sources inside Salesforce CRM is a common need. This guide outlines the steps needed to configure Salesforce to store additional fields and instructions to set up visitor tracking necessary for gathering UTM, Landing Page and Referrer URLs along with leads.