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Ad, Analytics and GA4 Integration

Able is a customer data platform, which allows it to build a better holistic view of the customer journey instead of simply collecting disparate events.

Able attributes each purchase to the original visitor, sending browser and ad click identifiers to Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. By sending all data to these platforms, we provide more flexible access for you to analyze your customers and segments, allowing you to see the exact source of the purchase in Google Analytics and attribute up to 50% more conversions in ad platform reports.

Currently Oribi is not open for new customers.  Able offers similar tracking features with transparent and affordable pricing, which users can try for free!

Map Customer Journey

Able CDP keeps knowledge about each customer activity, regardless of whether it happens online on the website or offline and in a CRM.

It tracks and displays full journeys of each individual customer from the first ad click and landing page visit to CRM and payment systems conversions and gives you insight into these journeys through a visual history of each customer.

This feature makes Able CDP an excellent alternative to Oribi for marketers and entrepreneurs who want a full analysis of their sales funnel with tracking from the first click without paying exorbitant prices for a platform mainly used by large corporations.

True Back-End Attribution

Let ad platforms' Big Data work for your business. Stream conversion data from the back-end to Google Ads and Facebook Ads Conversion APIs to facilitate ad platforms' bidding optimization and to create super effective lookalike audiences in real time.

Able CDP marketing API integrations are IOS 14+ ready and allow to track conversions of Google Ads clicks without GCLID parameter, as well as Facebook Ads clicks without fbclid.

Improve Your Marketing in Minutes

No matter whether your sales are low-touch or high-touch, one-off, recurring or subscription, Able CDP has tracking, attribution and API integrations solutions optimal for your business to help your long-term growth without delay.

Oribi works mainly with businesses of a certain size and in certain industries, and is less convenient for smaller organisations.

Able CDP is designed to be set up once and bring all the data and KPIs optimal for your business into the tools you already use every day: Google Analytics, a CRM system, ad platforms’ reports and so on. Able offers more useful features at a much lower price due to its extensive use of automation and artificial intelligence.

Stop paying for features you don't need, tricky setting up or ongoing consulting on siloed reports and ill-conceived interface.


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